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Clean air and the use of sustainable and renewable energy are challenges facing countries around the world.



A business leader with an extensive background in international development and management experience in the energy, defence, telecom and industrial gas sectors.

Ravin’s unique experiments of adding social responsibility as a value metric along with profits and productivity in the workplace have garnered a lot of attention in the industry.


Head Finance

A qualified Chartered Accountant & a senior Finance Professional with a strong commercial and legal acumen and has been associated with leading MNCs and Indian Companies in the Manufacturing Sector for over 25 years. Has managed and led the Finance, Accounts, Audit, Regulation, Costing, ERP, Systems & Processes, Legal, Secretarial and other functions in different capacities, including that of the CFO. He has been a key member of the core strategic group that takes major initiatives as well as critical business decisions. Occasionally, he has also been a guest lecturer at various leading institutions and has been involved in training sessions and teaching stints in the past.


Head People and Talent

I am an Happiness Evangelist, Avid Reader, Spiritual & Creative Soul. I am a student of Yoga, Mindfulness & Neuroscience and an extrovert who believes in creating smiles by providing people a conducive work environment. I am also a strategist who strives to add value to businesses by crafting augmented experience for people at the workplace. My mission is to translate business vision into HR interventions that drive organisational growth & profitability. I love my work which allows me to be myself. My propensity towards exploring the unknown also makes me a curious human. Challenges inspire my life!

Aditya Dhingra

Business head -
Clean Air & Hydrogen Energy Projects

A focus on pollution control and various energization techniques for Electrostatic Precipitators over 30 years within the Clean Air sector has given me an opportunity to participate in over 16,000 installations across 74 countries at coal-based power plants as well as steel, paper, and cement plants. I have a significant experience in infrastructure projects and working with large global EPC companies. Today, I am an opinion leader in traffic safety and smart city infrastructure with various digitization techniques on VMS Systems and radar-based, robust enforcement techniques.

Indranil Chakravarthy

Business- Head Clean Air

With professional experience of over 28 yrs, Indranil is now leading the Clean Air business. He is well versed in Clean Air products including Conventional & High Frequency-based Transformer-Rectifiers for pollution control. focus is to drive the Clean Air business to make the industry pollution-free. In his leisure time, Indranil enjoys music & loves to go on a long drive.

Mriraj Kumar

Leader – Future technology

I am an introvert and from a small country town. I love to travel and explore people and places and it would seem I am in a love affair with anything to do with our environment and cleaner air. I dislike politics but always want to contribute to society, especially for something that is focused on the future of our planet.


Executive Director - Head Operations & Defence

Over 35 years of exciting period in Engineering, Manufacturing, R&D and Operations; Pradip is a recipient of numerous national and international awards. He is passionate on Technology Initiatives and Process Improvements in the Fields of Defence and Clean Air. His Field of expertise extends from MIL grade Power Electronics, Precision Power Supplies, Specialised HV Power supplies, Perimeter and Border Intrusion Detection Solutions. He is presently the President of the International Society of Electrostatic Precipitator.

Yashodhan Gokhale

Sales Head (Clean Air)

With 18 years of multi-disciplinary experience in Power sector, EPC, Oil & Gas & Heavy-engineering industry, Yashodhan brings to table a demonstrated talent in Sales, Marketing & Business Development. The combination of his passion of Electrical technology & environmental issues inspires him to front-end the Sales & Marketing division in Clean Air. Presently Yashodhan represents APL as Head of Sales in Clean Air vertical. Yashodhan has a strong passion for Aerospace & Astronomy in which he invests his spare time.

Seva Panda

Head- Software Innovation

Solutions that improve the quality of life motivate me. I enjoy using science and technology in finding optimally balanced solutions. The last 25 years of my professional life have been an enriching experience of end-to-end software solution building, travelling and trekking. All with equal importance.