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Software Innovation

At Ador Software Innovation Solutions, we are synonymous with cutting-edge technology and software innovation.


At Ador Software Innovation Solutions, we are synonymous with cutting-edge technology and software innovation. With expertise in software integration, system development, and embedded technologies, we specialize in delivering professional solutions across a multitude of industries. Ador stands at the forefront of hardware design mastery and technological proficiency. Our team excels in crafting meticulous hardware solutions, leveraging expertise in microcontroller programming, software development, and real-time operating systems. With a comprehensive suite of services spanning from hardware design to firmware development, we empower projects with reliability, performance, and seamless connectivity.

Services Provided

Hardware Design

Comparative analysis, component selection, BoM listing, schematic preparations, EMI/EMC considerations.

Microcontroller Programming

Support for various platforms (e.g., Beaglebone, Nvidia Jetson Nano, etc.) using languages such as C/C++, Python, etc.

RTOS (Real-Time Operating System)

Embedded Linux expertise, Yocto build environment, kernel modules, and driver integration.

Peripheral Programming and Integration

GPIO, ADCs, HDMI, and serial communication protocols (I2C, SPI, UART, RS485, CAN).

Sensor Integration

RFID, temperature sensors, cameras, proximity, and distance sensors.

Analysis Tools and Communication Protocols

Wireshark, CAN analyzer, spectrum analyzers, and support for communication protocols (e.g., CAN, Modbus, MQTT).

Firmware Development

Specialization in firmware development and hardware design integration.

Software Development

Code compilation, build automation, library integration, optimization, multi-processing, debugging, and programming for various architectures.


Specifications, test reports, and bug tracking.

Web Portals and Dashboards

Development of web portals and dashboards for analytics, reporting, and device health monitoring.

Automation Testing

Selenium framework and Python-based automation testing.

Technologies Used

Programming Languages

C, C++, Python, Rust, Java, JavaScript, Assembly.

RTOS and Embedded Systems

Embedded Linux, Yocto build environment.

Web Development Technologies

.Net Framework, JavaScript, HTML/CSS, ReactJS, Bootstrap, C Sharp, Golang, NodeJS, SQL, RESTful APIs, Docker, AWS/Azure DevOps.

Analysis and Testing Tools

Wireshark, CAN analyzer, Spectrum analyzers, Selenium framework.

Communication Protocols

CAN, Modbus, Ethernet, TCP, UDP, MQTT.




Case Studies

Traffic Management

  1. Sen7es – National expressway Software for ATMS
  2. Indus – Premises Speed and incident capture software
  3. Symphony software with Nirvana hardware – Highway Speed detection system
  4. ATMS Morbi – Success stories

EV Segment

  1. Quench CMS – Software for Quench EV Chargers
  2. Quench Controller
  3. EV Emulator
  4. Multi Dispenser

Medical Field: Software for Dentistry

  1. Flash Ortho Donatist

Battery Testing

  1. BTS

Manufacturing Industry: Smoke and Heat Segmentation

  1. Nishchit

Driver’s testing Software

  1. Vehicle Kerb Hit

Why Choose Ador Software Innovation

Proven Track Record: With a legacy of excellence spanning decades, we deliver trustworthy results.
Customized Solutions: We offer tailored solutions to perfectly align with the unique needs of every project.
Commitment to Quality: Excellence is ingrained in every aspect of our services, from concept to execution.
Client-Centric Approach: Your satisfaction is our priority, fostering a seamless and collaborative partnership at every step of the journey.

Why Choose Ador Software Innovation

Discover the difference of working with a company passionate about innovation, reliability, and exceeding expectations. Contact us now to explore how our comprehensive suite of services can propel your projects to new heights. Let’s shape the future together with Ador Group.