Data Centre and IT

In IT industry due to the critical applications and to maintain the Data, Power becomes important aspect. The critical data is maintained through small servers/ server racks. Apart from servers there are other critical equipments such as PCs/Laptops, networking equipments, access control, security system, PA systems, printers etc. requires uninterrupted, conditioned power.

Ador Gamatronic modular UPS system Power+ is completely suitable for such critical application because of its great features.

Power+ is modular, scalable UPS with greater efficiency, higher input power factor, lower input current harmonic distortion (THD i), lower audible noise and enhanced battery life which reduces capital and operating costs.
This design also yields very significant reductions in physical size and weight of UPS.
Power+ is a rack less system with has hot swap plug in modules, lower MTTR, N +1 as well as N+N redundancy.

Ador's ideal UPS model -

Power+ Classic, Centric, Power+ SA, Power+ 19''