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Protecting and safeguarding citizens is an increasing issue for towns and cities. The requirements are varied but are always aimed at achieving an extensive, tailor-made all-round solution to meet the highest quality and security requirements. Besides excellent picture quality and easy operation, the number one demand is for compatible and flexible system architecture to enable easy integration into existing security management systems. Deterring crime and vandalism as well as protecting against terrorism are the catch words which are becoming more and more important for town and community leaders.

The Challenges

In most cases, the practical implications and challenges associated with installing the fibre and cable have far outweighed those experienced when installing the system cameras.

Even in cities equipped with large scale fibre networks there may be significant costs associated with connecting remote cameras to the fibre back-bone. In addition to the initial expenditure, the burden of ongoing leasing costs payable to the telecoms operator can put a serious strain on budgets.

In addition, the civil engineering works undertaken to install fibre or cable frequently create a great deal of public inconvenience and can lead to major traffic management issues.

The Solution

Ador Provides wireless products are based on IP technology and are immediately compatible with existing IP network and control room solutions. The additional use of suitable encoders and decoders enables systems to be connected to existing analogue or hybrid systems. In large scale city surveillance projects it is likely that a number of combined technologies may be deployed. Typically, a fibre network may form the connectivity back-bone, while Wireless systems are used to connect cameras in areas where the fibre network does not reach. On a smaller scale it is often feasible to deploy a totally wireless network, completely eliminating the need for fibre.

5 Principles to make city surveillance success :

  • Understanding of Existing IP Networks and compatibility
  • Deploy NVR servers at Facilities Throughout the Facility
  • Use Direct Wireless Links to Connect Camera to Facilities
  • Share Video from the City with the Police Department's Command Center
  • Expand the System Step by Step, Year by Year

Conclusion :

With IP video, city wide video surveillance is becoming an affordable and valuable way to improve security. By following the above principles, most cities can quickly and fairly simply roll out city wide video surveillance systems that provide a strong foundation for continuous improvement and new benefits.

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