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Prime Pro Series 6KVA to 40KVA Online LF UPS

The Prime Pro series features single-phase online double-conversion UPS systems with a power range of 6kVA to 40kVA. It is available in stand-alone and parallel configurations, in both 3/1 and 3/3 models. The system supplies high quality, stabilized sine-waves signals. A static switch provides the optimal solution for output inrush current and overload problems. All parameters (input/output voltage, currents, frequencies, DC voltage, and temperatures) are measured and shown in an LCD display. All information may be sent to the host computer through an RS232 interface, with SNMP management.


  • High input power factor; green and energy-saving power: -The I/P power factor is above 0.98;Input current THDI 5% ,which greatly reduces the humornic pollution of the AC network, and at the meantime, the efficiency of the usage of the utility is improved , and the installation cost and the noise is reduced. The speed of the fan can be auto-adjustable as well; all these make the UPS green energy-saving power.
  • Wide input voltage and frequency range: - With the wide input voltage and frequency range, it reduces the frequency of battery discharge so that the battery life can be prolonged and in the meantime, it can works with oil generator.
  • Reliable parallel technology :- It adopts the most advanced parallel control technology and digital equal flow control technology to make the UPS highly compatible and have the choice of N+1 parallel and redundancy and share battery sets.
  • Abundant interface setting functions:- The user can set the O/P voltage and frequency through the front panel buttons and the UPS can be set to connect equipent with different voltage and frequency.
  • Flexible network monitoring and management :- The UPS is available with RS232, USB, EPO,RS485(optional), SNMP(optional), dry contact(optional) ect.; it can support TCP/IP protocol with remote control; The network monitoring and management enables the UPS to have the function of self-diagnosis, timingly sending the demanding instruction, email, automatically saving the files and turning off the UPS ect..
  • Cold start and AC start function:- When AC fails, UPS can be started in battery directly;In AC mode,UPS can be started by AC directly without battery; when the battery discharges and there is low voltage protection, after AC returns, the UPS can start up automatically.
  • Easy maintenance design :- English display option,manual bypass design,failure information enquiry orientation…all is convenient for user and in the meantime,improving the usability and maintainability of the system.


MODEL Prime Pro 1106 Prime Pro 1110 Prime Pro 3110 Prime Pro 3115 Prime Pro 3120 Prime Pro 3130 Prime Pro 3140
Capacity 6KVA 10KVA 10KVA 15KVA 20KVA 30KVA 40KVA
4.8KW 8KW 8KW 12KW 16KW 24KW 32KW
Rated Voltage 220V/230V/240VAC 380V/400V/415VAC
Voltage Range Half load 120-285VAC Half load 210-495VAC
Full load 160-285VAC Full load 280-495VAC
Rated Frequency 50/60Hz Auto Sensing
Frequency Range 40-70Hz
Power Factor ≥0.99 ≥0.95
Total Harmonic Distortion (THDi) ≤5% ≤10%
Bypass Voltage Range 170-275V
Voltage 220V/230V/240VAC
Voltage Regulation ±1%
Frequency Synchronized with utility on AC mode;50/60±0.1Hz on battery mode
Waveform Pure sine wave
Crest Factor 3:01
Total Harmonic Distortion(THDV) ≤3%(Linear load);≤5%(Non-linear load)
Transfer Time AC mode to battery mode :0ms
Inverter model to bypass mode:0ms
Inverter Overload Capability 105%-125%:Transfer to bypass after 10mins;
125%-150%:Transfer to bypass after 1mins;
>150%: Transfer to bypass after1s
DC Voltage 192V
Charger Current 6A/8A/10A/12A
Utility Failure Beep/4s and mute after 1min
Battery Low Beep/1s
Overload Beep 2s/4s
UPS Fault Long Beep
Efficiency ≥85%
Protection Output short circuit, overload, output over/low voltage, battery low, over temperature
Surge Protection IEC60664-1
Humidity 0~95% RH @ 0~40℃(non-condensing)
Noise Level ≤55dB ≤60dB
Communication RS232,USB, RS485 (optional)
Supports Windows 98/2000/2003/XP/Vista/2008/7/8
Optional SNMP Power management from SNMP manager and web browser
Dimension(mm) W*D*H 260*595*756 325*675*941 353*806*1043 400*860*1154 520*864*1285
Packing Dimension(mm) W*D*H 390*690*950 450*810*1100 480*940*1190 530*980*1340 650*960*1490
Net/Gross Weight(kg) 67/76 115/124 173/182 201/213 224/235 300/315 336/351

* Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice


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