Product Spectrum


In technical collaboration with REDKOH Industries, USA, ADOR has launched the elevated frequency power supply for better power guarantee and emission control in critical ESP applications across all sectors.


    A three phase AC main power source is fed into a rectifier and filter combination to create a smooth DC power source. This DC source is then fed into an integrated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) full wave bridge circuit where it is converted into a high frequency AC waveform.

    The SMPS switch module is assembled on a steel panel that occupies roughly the same space as an existing SCR module. Mounted on a common heat sink are the rectifiers, the filter assembly, IGBT Modules, and IGBT Gate drivers.

    The Ador MFPS controller outputs a predetermined frequency to fire the IGBT's. Feedback control uses mA and KV feedback for voltage, Current and spark/arc control.



Voltage 200V – 600 V, 50 Hz / 60 Hz , 3 ø
Variation ±10% in Voltage, ±2% in Frequency
No. of Phases 3 (4 wire)


Voltage 20 KV DC – 80 KV DC
Current 50 mA DC – 3000 mA DC
Frequency 100 Hz up to 1000 Hz.
No. of Phases 1 Phase (L-L)


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