Product Spectrum

Precicon - III

'PRECICON-III' is the Third Generation Micro Controller for Electrostatic Precipitator application. It is a powerful tool for Clean Air Management which also regulates, monitors and optimizes the Electric Power Input to ESP.


  • Improved Collection Efficiency : Digital detection enables sensing of Peta, sparks, arcs and together with control philosophy of flashovers, increases the "Volt Time Integral " and life collecting electrodes.
  • Energy Saving : Feature based on VI characteristics, without using capacity monitor.
  • Charge Ratio : Pulsed Operation with a higher range up to 1:255 for improving precipitation and/or for energy saving depending upon the type of process, dust resistivity, etc. Additional facility of "Recharge Voltage" during the blocked periods increases the trough voltage, which enhances the collection efficiency.
  • Back Corona : Detection and organization to operate at the maximum pack voltage region (scanning of "VI" curve leading to increased collection efficiency and power saving).
  • Load Status Mode : Enabling selection between different operating parameter values for varying plant conditions.
  • Serial Interface for Communication
  • 2 user Programmable Digital Inputs : 1 for trip and 1 for alarm for faults with the programmed message display.
  • Display : Advanced Man/Machine communication through keyboard and LCD Display of KV (Mean), MA (mean) and KV (P) values. User Friendly operator interface with communication in a message form and in engineering units. Watching timer for software and hardware faults.
  • Self Diagnostics : At power ON and various test modes.
  • Secured Operation : 3 level of operation for parameter setting and editing with password protection.


1 Output Current Feedback 1 V DC rated mA Average DC
2 Output Voltage Feedback 400 A DC atated KV
3 Primery Current Signal 80 mA at rated Primery Inout Current
4 Digital Inuts Potential Free Contacts
5 Environment  
6 Ambient Temperature 0 to 50 C
7 Storage Temperature 0 to 80 C
8 Duty Continuous Operation
9 Instalations Indoor
11 Nominal Input Voltage 24 VAC, 50 Hz / 60 Hz, 10
12 Variations  
13 Voltage 20%
14 Frequency 7.5%
15 Current 2Amps, 48 VA
16 Inbult SMPS for generation of Various supply voltages and isolated supplies for KV and mA
17 Outputs  
18 Digital Outputs Potential Free Contacts of #A @ 24VAC
19 Analog Output 4mA to 20mA corresponding to rated mA


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