Product Spectrum

Ador Corona TR Cabinets

  • Ingress Protection Class as per IEC PUB 947-1/NEMA Type 12
  • IP 54 : Upto 160A Input Current
  • IP 31 : For Input Current More than 160A


  • Fully customised control cabinets.
  • Interfacing option with all available ESP controller makes.
  • Easy Retrofits
  • Options for stand alone panels as well as cascaded arrangement


Method of cooling Air Natural
Installation Indoor Pressurized Room or Air Conditioned Room
Control voltage 230 VAC or 110 VAC
Paint Shade As per choice ( Any RAL or MUNSEL Shades )


The control panel is fabricated from sheet metal of 2.0 mm thickness and is of a free floor standing type. Gland Plate shall be of 3 mm thickness. These units confirm to ingress protection class IP 54/42/31.Cable entry can be customised from bottom or from top.