Product Spectrum

High Voltage Rectifier

Ador Powertron Ltd is the pulse of technology in power electronics from India with installations of High Voltage Rectiformers all over the world in Power, Cement, Steel and Paper industries.

With a rich and endearing research and manufacturing experience of over 35 years, ADOR stands as one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of TR sets and controls in the world having achieved over 16000 installations across 74 nations in the world.

Over the years, ADOR has established cordial business co-operation with major ESP OEMs' in the world and in due course of time have had the accreditions and approvals from renowned project consultants & end users across all sectors.

With a vision for constant growth towards technology and market share, ADOR has envisaged a global technology partnership with REDKOH, USA for TR controls , EPMS, and MIGI controls along with the Power Pack Solution for operation of TR sets at an elevated frequency . An additional manufacturing facility with a production capacity of 600+ TR sets has set operation in Xuzhao, China.

We have developed designs to cater to the world market and in sync with the present requirement in the industry.