Product Spectrum

Special Purpose - Heating/Plasma Arc

Plasma Arc- Plasma arc is an electric arc formed between the electrodes which can be made of copper,tungsten,graphite,molybdenum,silver,etc and the thermal plasma is formed from the cartinual input of carrier/working gas projecting outward as a plasma jet/flame.Speciaol applications are found in a Department of Atomic Energy.

Resistance Heating Application- Resistance heating is a process in which Electriol energy is converted to heat.The heatng element for the special heating application is an electric resister in the form of stainless steel or other special material and works on the principle of Joule heating.Special applications are found in Department of Atomic Energy.


  • Air/water cooled/ONAN cooling
  • Process Automation Interface via DeviceNet, Modbus, Profibus etc
  • Rugged & designed to withstand tough site conditions
  • Ingress protection degree as desired
  • Low Maintenance


Technical details
12V to 400VDC
100 to 30000 AMPS (2MW)
Manual Standalone / Automated
6/12 Pulse Rectification
Protection & safety features as per process requirements
Digital Controls
Uni / Bi Polar Output