Product Spectrum

Electrodeposition Paintings

ED electrophosaris coating use charged particles to at praet panet or coating particle or modules in an emmesion bath to the surface of submerged part. ED electrophorasis coating processes are also refered to as electrocoating, electrodeposition, electronic coating, e-painting, electrocoating, electrophoratic coat.


ElectroPhorectic Dip Painting (E-Coat)rectfier for Automotive Paint Shops

  • Stand-alone (or) Automated(Optional)
  • Process Automation interface via deviceNet, Modbus, profibus etc.
  • Optimum DFT
  • reduced Paint Consumption through body Detection thereby saving cost
  • Digital Controls
  • Protection & Safety
  • Anode cell current Monitoring(optional)
  • Spark free body transition
  • (Optional) Anode cell switching for better deposition
  • Reduced Stray current/energy leakage in paint tank
  • Earth leakage monitoring
  • Safety Interlock including Castle Lock provision, ED door,Door mat, Earth Leakage, Short circuit inside Tank.


Technical Data
Input Voltage 3Phase, 415/380ac, 50/60Hz (Higher input Voltage on Request)
DC Output Voltage 100Vdc to 500Vdc. Any Customer Voltage as required
Output Current rating 50amp to 3000amp. Any Customer Current as required
Current Ripple Less than 5% RMS of rated Current at Rated output
Construction In IP-20 protection, Other degree of protection possible depending on site conditions
Environment Conditions Equipment Designed to work for 45DegC ambient, 95% Humidity
Controls Manual stand alone (or) Automated with PLC
Rectifier Assembly 12 pulse SCR bridge
Protections & safety Over current, Rectifier temp high cut-off, conveyor fault, safety mat interlock, ED Door Interlock, Castle Lock Interlock, Monitoring & Protection against Earth Leakage
Option Anode cell current monitoring-Local / remote
PLC interface DeviceNet, Profibus, Modbus, RS-485 etc communication links with paint shop PLC