Product Spectrum

DC Substations and Wound Componants

Electrical substation that converts Electric power from the form provided by the Elecrical Power Industry for public utility or other form required by the industry to an appropriate voltage,current type and frequency to supply for various cranes and equivalent utilities.

Most widely DC substation applications is in traction segment to supply Railways,Trams,Trolley buses etc. Any specialised application/converter grade Transformers/AC & DC reactor/chokes can be designed & manufactured by Ador Powertron.Till date upto 2mw/30KA capacity transformer is manufactured by Ador.


  • Air/water cooled/ONAN cooling
  • Process Automation Interface via DeviceNet, Modbus, Profibus etc
  • Rugged & designed to withstand tough site conditions
  • Ingress protection degree as desired
  • Low Maintenance


Technical details
12V to 400VDC
100 to 30000 AMPS (2MW)
Manual Standalone / Automated
6/12 Pulse Rectification
Protection & safety features as per process requirements
Digital Controls