Product Spectrum

Cathodic Protection

Cathodic Protection is a technique used to control the corrosion of a metal surface by making it the cathode of an Electrochemical cell.A simple method of protection connects protected metal to a more easily corroded "sacrifical metal " to act as the anode.The sacrificial metal then corrodes instead if the protected metal.For structures such as long pipelines,where passive galvanic cathodic protection is not adequate an external DC electric power source is used to provide sufficient current.


  • SCR Technology
  • Rugged design,build to meet the requirements of high reliability for Indoor/Outdoor conditions
  • Single/Multiple units per cabinet.
  • Can be interforced to PLC Operation
  • High MTBF(mean time between failure)


Technical details
12V to 400VDC
100 to 30000 AMPS (2MW)
Manual Standalone / Automated
6/12 Pulse Rectification
Protection & safety features as per process requirements
Digital Controls
Uni / Bi Polar Output