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Engineering Management

Ador Powertron is home to thinkers, dreamers, go-getters, achievers who are not scared of stretching beyond the known zone to be where they want to be.

You can be an undergraduate wanting to explore career opportunities or a final year engineering / MBA student waiting to hone your skills in the corporate world. We can offer you the best fit coupled with an exciting work environment. We have some high potentials who have joined us as freshers and spent more than a decade here.

Every year we actively recruit both reserved and loud, creative students completing their undergraduate or graduate degrees in a wide range of disciplines. As an engineering and technology company, we are keen to get talents from amongst students majoring in electronics engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering. Not to forget even those who are from marketing, business administration, human resource, finance, and accounting.

Our internships and other trainee programs will make room for you to enhance the skills learnt in the classroom and apply them in real-world situations. Designed to help you grow into future leaders, the structured programmes are combined with an initial orientation about our history so you know where our culture comes from. Add to this, you get to work on live assignments so there is continuous connect with what is happening in the here and now. We have thus a leader amongst us – would you want to be one!!