About us

Code of Conduct


Our Corporate Values are the governing principles of our behaviour' attitude and actions. These values have been set out as a commitment to act in unison and as a cohesive entity.

Effective Customer management is the key to success in any business, and to cultivate a healthy relationship, officials of the Company need to reach out and surpass the expectations of their customers.


Within the Organisation

  • Encourage knowledge sharing, encourage team members to exchange functions and business. Stress on interdependence and relationship building.
  • Transparency across levels, departments and functions for well-informed decisions.
  • Encourage team working where recognition and credit are frequently acknowledged and shared. Encourage the team to directly and openly discuss issues with their peers and others.
  • Set service delivery agreements within the team and adhere to them.
  • Set organization processes that enable others to work and retrieve information even when the key person is not available.

With Business Partners

  • We will proactively share information to optimize manufacturing activity and ensure timely deliveries to the end user/customer.
  • We expect our supply chain partners to adhere to the set service, time and product commitments.
  • We shall evaluate our effectiveness on the basis of solution and quality of transaction, with our customers and supply chain partners.

With Customers

  • Respond to all customer queries and complaints with speed and comprehensive information.
  • Execute all transactions including billing, delivery, warranty, exchange and reward programmes swiftly and accurately.
  • Identify and leverage opportunities to build relationships with the customer.
  • Leverage relationships built by one organization of the Ador Group for the benefit of other organizations in the Group.
  • Anticipate customer needs and develop new applications and products ahead of competition. Benchmark with the market and ensure that service delivery and responsiveness are never compromised.
  • Transact accurately and swiftly. Proactively inform the customer of the delivery date, service and replacement policy. Make the purchase decision simple and the post purchase process easy for the customer. Provide full documentation to customers well in time.
  • Leverage technology to interact and transact with business partners and external stakeholders. Proactively plan activities and share information with business partners to enable them, in turn, to plan at their work stations.
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations within stipulated time frames.
  • Clearly define the scope of work and terms of business at the beginning of the partnership with correct and adequate documentation and review the same at regular intervals. Table issues, concerns and potential bottlenecks openly and constructively.
  • Share organization policy, relevant information and best practices to enable partners improve their knowledge and services.
  • Work to build long-term relationships such that the trust and not the letter of contract, becomes the basis of interaction; ensure that the end of a formal association still leaves the organization with positive relationships.

Personal integrity of personnel and of the organization help in building healthy personal equations and organizational trustworthiness. Our conduct with internal and external customers must be of the highest order based on integrity and trust.


Personal Conduct

  • Transact in a transparent and honest manner. Confront and bring to light issues/people where conduct is not as expected.
  • Understand and comply in letter and spirit. Keep oneself updated on company standards and legal requirements.
  • When there is a potential conflict between professional responsibility and personal interest, inform the Manager in writing.

Within the Organisation

  • Recruit, train, compensate and promote solely on merit, irrespective of an individual's religion, nationality, gender or age.
  • Conduct day-to-day transactions in an ethical and lawful manner. Take business decisions after analyzing relevant facts.
  • Share credit wherever due. Give feedback promptly and positively.
  • Respect confidentiality of personal details of employees when maintaining and transferring personal data.
  • Take steps to eliminate unsafe work conditions and prevent injuries.

With External Stakeholders

  • Keep track of changing requirements of law and comply with the organisation's rules and Standards.
  • Communicate company standards to all business partners and customers at frequent intervals. Bring to light any product/process defect or any customer commitment that is not being honoured.
  • Verify partner credentials before engaging them. Take steps to exclude those who fail to honour commitments or no longer meet Corporate Standards.
  • Reveal area of conflict of interest in a transaction at the first opportunity. Refuse any perks, gifts or benefits that are not acceptable as enunciated under the "Code of Conduct for Employees".

We shall aim to achieve leadership in business growth and profitability by offering products and services that shall be the best in their class.

With Customers

  • We will innovate products and services that will keep in focus the needs of our current and future customers.
  • Our proposal Engineering, advertising and communication shall be contemporary and vibrant.
  • We will welcome and work at product challenges posed by customers.
  • We will respond to customer requirements by developing technologies, products, solutions and services faster than the competition.

With Business Partners

  • We will actively work on ideas given by value chain partners in our business.
  • We will support our partners in creating new processes which will add value to both parties.
  • We will proactively seek new partners who display energy and enthusiasm to experiment and adopt new technologies and processes.

With External Stakeholders

  • As brand ambassador for the Company, be enthusiastic about the organization and its technologies, products and services.
  • Communicate with customers in a manner that is fresh, creative and brings positive perspective for the customers.
  • Strive for product/process innovation/re-invention that exceeds customer expectations. Continuously seek to do better than the competition.

we shall aim to achieve leadership in technology by offering products of superior quality along with excellent services.

To be among the best, we shall commit ourselves to excellence in technology and engineering and to Economic Value Additions in all our operations.

We shall assist our customers in design, test, deployment and management of Power Electronics solutions that can translate into positive competitive advantage. Our professional experts shall provide single point contact solutions that will fulfil their business needs.

Each ADORIAN in APL shall be responsible for delivery of day-to-day quality service and for continuous improvement of work processes within their scope of responsibility, to meet the standards set by the Company.

ADOR shall continue to bring in and introduce newer, cost-effective technologies for the benefit of its customers and industries.

We realize that it is increasingly essential to ensure that our products and services are benchmarked with the best international products and services to ensure long-term growth of the Company. To achieve this goal, we need to ensure quality of our products and services through:

  • continuous monitoring of international markets for the latest developments in the H.V.R. industry, not only in terms of innovations in effective designs but also in terms of innovative commercial practices.
  • Concentrating on innovation, research, development and other pursuits in acquiring technology knowhow from overseas leaders.
  • Acquiring the latest technical know-how for sustained growth and prosperity and identification of new products.
  • Creation of economies of scale in manufacturing facilities and market share.

We shall strive to innovate and excel in everything we do : in products, safety, value, services, human relations, competitiveness and profitability.

In meeting our commitment to be a sustained leader in Technology Development, we shall build on two essential pillars of long-term strategy

  • Innovation, renovation and operational efficiency.
  • Customer centric innovation and behaviour.

Innovations give the oroganisation, a cutting edge over its competitors. It is not enough to benchmark and match the best practices, systems and products available in the market place but it is important to continuously innovate and provide value to our customer and other stakeholders of the Company. Innovation and creativity result in added value to customers.

Continuous improvement in all our activities and processes will sustain us as a world-class organization. To accelerate this culture, we would need to continuously improvise sour manufacturing processes and product ranges to meet global competition.

In the firm belief that employees are the source of strength to an organization, we shall foster teamwork and ensure that all employees treat each other with mutual trust and respect. Out success depends upon the combined and synergic capabilities as well as contributions of all employees. Our motto shall be to create an environment that encourages and is conducive to teamwork, while promoting active and visible participation. Our employees shall be given ample opportunity to apply their knowledge, skills and potential in such way that it is beneficial for the Company while providing them with job satisfaction. Motivated employees are priceless assets.

Within the Organisation

  • On the job learning is at the core of all individual and team development. Interning is at the core of all individual and team development. Internal and external training and seminars may complement such learning. However, in the ultimate sense, an individual is himself/herself responsible for his/her own development in terms of his/her knowledge, skills and attitude.
  • Developing subordinates is one of the key result areas of all manager.
  • The Company is committed to provide a harmonious, productive and health work environment.
  • The Company shall endeavour to unleash employee potential and create leaders who will build the future.
  • The success of a corporation is the reflection of the professionalism, conduct and the responsible attitude of its management and employees, and therefore, recruitment of the right people and ongoing training and development are crucial.
  • Aim to create challenging work environment that recognizes and rewards outstanding performers. Typical characteristics of such a work environment would be fairness equity, mutual respect and confidence.
  • Fairness is based on what is right, not who is right.
  • The Company shall constantly communicate to its employees, sits corporation objectives, vision and mission.
  • The Company shall invest in training of employees to continually enhance individual competence and keep all the employees, employable.
  • Take responsibility for one's own action and that of one's team. Hold people accountable for their actions.
  • Actively support peers, team members and even spurious to think out of the box.
  • Energise the team to be curious and derive knowledge from unrelated situations. Read and share thought provoking articles.
  • Execute employee services and employee related transactions on time. Managers shall be knowledgeable and empowered to resolve employee concerns with speed and alacrity/sensitivity.
  • Communicate performance feedback to the employee promptly and in a constructive manner
  • .
  • Periodically review processes to improve the speed in providing employee services.
  • Encourage people to share knowledge and shorten the learning curve particularly in relation to new incumbents. Develop team skill sets that enhance individual productivity through written communication, time management, etc.
  • Leverage people power through smooth movement of employees across business, unit and locations by way of transfer, secondary replacements, deputations etc.
  • Strengthen policies and processes to facilitate role/location transition for employees and their families.

Personal Conduct

  • Be energized, excited and enjoy what you do. Bring in a new perspective that goes beyond a typical solution.
  • Strive for excellence and walk the extra mile. Work as though the only reward is satisfaction of a job well done.
  • Drive and support initiatives as though there were a personal stake.

Consciously promote involvement of value chain partners to improve products and services and maintain mutually beneficial and dependable relationships.

Suppliers, vendors, service providers, distributors, dealers and channel partners play vital roles in our endeavour to achieve consistent product and service quality.

We will provide them with

  • Upgraded designs and systems
  • Awareness, well in advance, about our future business goals.
  • Help for designing their plant layouts for improved productivity
  • Our managerial expertise for improvement in their quality standards
  • Training for their staff in various aspects of manufacturing/quality assurance processes.

We will help our Distributors/Dealers/Channel Partners by :

  • Making them aware of our business policies.
  • Effectively maintaining customers relationships.
  • Maintaining constant touch with customers at the highest levels to improve the image and visibility of the Company.

The business process and conformances to established processes will ensure quality products and services. Utmost care must be taken to ensure compliances.

Within the Organisation

High ethical standards and business integrity are hallmarks of all APL executives. It is critical for our credibility with government officials, statutory bodies, customers, suppliers contractual partners and others with whom we deal with, that each and everyone abides by the following ethical standards.

  • Strictly adhere to the prevailing local laws and regulations
  • Discourage illegal, unfair or unethical practices.
  • Ensure fulfilment of obligations to customers, suppliers and other business partners.
  • Report fully and fairly on business and transactions.
  • Respect the integrity of individuals and firm whom one deals with. No gifts or favours are to be accepted by employees or expected from Business partners.
  • Agents, brokers or other representations, shall be through formal contracts to establish the relationship and the remuneration shall be payable in accordance with these contracts only.

With Investors

  • Continuous improvement of business processes to effectively service investors through public information, analysis and disclosures.
  • Proactive communication on the organisation's performance, financial results and other information of interest through appropriate media to investors and public.
  • Continuous efforts to improve service standards.

With Government

  • Shall proactively seek guidelines, advance rulings from the government on new business matters that are currently unclear under the law.
  • Will adhere to timelines in keeping with the norms of Corporate Governance and will always attempt of complete government formalities and stipulations on time.

With External Stakeholders

  • Abide by generally accepted accounting principles, standards, laws and regulations for accounting and financial reporting of transactions.
  • Render the organization secure by taking measures like insurance, audit, checks and control, balances etc.

System orientation would lead us to quality in our products and services as well as optimize the utilization of our resources. Setting a fast pace and responding quickly to changes is the key competitive strength to keep ahead in today's fast changing world.

  • Every manager must be a driving force for change and development.
  • Prompt decisions should be taken as soon as the relevant information is available. The decision making process should be fast and practicable, within the overall framework of company/Management policies.
  • Sensitivity to internal and external realities and repercussions must be taken into account while making any decision.
  • Managers at all levels must fee empowered to resolve work related problems quickly at their own levels rather than seek directives from their higher management. Our policies must lead to empowerment of managers.

Recognising the obligation to society as an integral part of all business practices and maintaining high ethical and social standards in all dealing, are our hallmarks.

Employees will carry out their duties with objectivity, integrity and good judgement. Loyalty to APL and each other is the guiding principle.

  • The individual behaviour and conduct of our employees should be such that they should be looked upon as role models in good citizenship and as good corporate citizens in their roles as members of the corporation.
  • We will encourage and assist employees to take up, in their personal time, socially relevant projects to improve quality of community life.
  • We shall quickly respond to any crisis/disaster to secure people, environment and the communities around out locations.
  • The Company will strive to provide a safe and healthy environment and to avoid adverse impact and damage to the environment. We shall comply with all applicable environmental, health and safety standards, laws and regulations.
  • The Company will educate, train and motivate employees to carry out their tasks in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • The Company will educate, train and motivate employees to carry out their tasks in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • The Company will function in harmony with the environment. Our present and future operations and processes will comply with environmental standards and legislation. All our operations shall honour the prevalent pollution control laws at all times.
  • ALL APL executives shall comply with all the applicable laws and regulations to protect their own health and safety as well as that of other employees, the public and the environment.
  • The Company shall take appropriate and all possible measures to prevent injury and illness, and to provide employees with a safe and healthy working environment.
  • All Unit-Heads shall regularly assess plant/business unit operations and management. They shall also establish measures to ensure compliance of all applicable laws and regulations.

ALL APL executives commit themselves to

  • High level of personal and corporate integrity
  • Upholding the Corporate Values enshrined herein
  • Work with a passion for excellence
  • Respond to calls on duty with speed and decisiveness
  • Being role models to other citizens of the country world