About us

Vision / Mission / Value

Groop Vision

The ADOR Group shall be a globally respected industrial leader in all its lines of business. The Group culture shall foster business excellence, high ethical and social practices and create pride for all stake holders in the ADOR family.


ADOR POWERTRON's mission is to excel in Business as a Solutions Provider in Digital Power Electronics, with word class manufacturing facilities and technology driven products which can cater to discerning customers in the global market.

Corporate Values

Corporate values are the governing principles for our behavior, attitude and actions. These values ensure that ADOR Group companies act in unison as a cohesive entity. The Values which have been explicitly communicated through all group organizations are outlined below:

  • Challenge ourselves continuously
  • Listening to each other so as to understand what is being said
  • Having fun at work
  • Integrity in everything we do
  • Respect / equality for each other
  • Constantly innovating and reinventing ourselves
  • Entrepreneurship / ownership for all that we do
  • Possessing a winner's (light)arrogance
  • Flexible and adaptable and ready to multiskill
  • Being encouraging
  • Being brutally honest
  • Being caring